It's been a long haul from the motor city and boy was is worth it. Detroit Coney Grill has set up shop in Arizona with beautiful Sports Bars in the heart of Scottsdale and on Mill Avenue in Downtown Tempe From Authentic Detroit Coneys, to made from scratch Burgers, down to the hand cut Fries using only Idaho Potatoes. We have paired our comfort food with a great environment with TVs and a Full Bar featuring some of Michigans Finest Beers. Our stand on freshness comes from our founder, Dave Najor who started his food service career in the Grocery industry. There he learned the importance of Fresh Food served right. That's why "We Grind our own Beef" and cut our own Potatoes. We want to bring back the old school burger spots where people would hangout for hours and enjoy great food. The food back then was made and prepared the way you wanted it. That all went away when the corporate chains came in with their cookie-cutter mentality. We want to change that & bring back the Old Fashioned Burger Joints. How are we going to do that ? First by tearing down some walls and bringing the kitchen into the dining room so you can see everything that's going on. Next by asking what you want on your Burger not what you don't want. So whats stopping you from coming in and trying what Travel Channel calls the 9TH BEST BURGER in USA